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The gym

Empire Fitness gym boasts brand new plate loaded machines that are designed to focus on different muscles groups to get the best out of your time in the gym. We are situated in a industrial unit where we can open up to utilize the outside area to offer a different gym experience to most commercial gyms. 

The philosophy of the Empire Fitness gym is to create a community of expertise and people who share their training advice. Empire Fitness is perfect for anyone looking to get away from mainstream equipment and experiences in other gyms to train properly around like minded people in a gym specially designed for people working of their physique.

We also have a studio for core work or yoga, two luxury shower rooms, a communal locker/lounge area to sit and chill post workout, a therapy room for sports massage and a solarium for tanning. Additionally, we stock a variety of protein snacks, drinks and supplements as well as tanning accelerators to use in the solarium. 

Whatever your goal is Empire Fitness and it's community will help you achieve your goals.

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